Top 7 Boat Care Tips

In this boat care tips guide, we’ll take a look at some of the basic boat care you should incorporate into your routine to ensure your boat continues looking and performing its best for years to come.

Top 7 Boat Care Tips

Boat Care Tips #1: Wash your boat regularly

Out of all the boat care tips, this is the most important one – wash your boat! It’s recommended you do this after every boat trip, as saltwater can quickly erode the metal. If you’re time poor, a rinse with a hose is better than nothing but a deeper clean with a proper boat cleaning supplies and a soft bristle brush. Avoid strong chlorinated cleansers as this can cause damage to the finish.

Boat Care Tips #2: Store your boat properly

Given that your boat will spend at least half of its life in storage, care needs to be taken to ensure it’s protected from the elements all year round. The three most common types of boat storage are:

Indoor storage

Storing you boat in a garage or shed is preferrable, as it protects it from the sun and foul weather. If you’re lucky enough to have a large garage big enough for a car and boat, this form of storage is ideal. Or, if you can afford it, consider using a boat storage unit.

Outdoor storage

If you’re going to store your boat outdoors, it’s advised you invest in some boat shrink wrapping to create an airtight seal. Though tarp is a cheaper alternative, it may leave your boat susceptible to mildew and mould.

On water

If your boat is too large to store indoors, many harbours offer on water storage for a fee. Though this a more practical option, it might be worth investing in boat lifts or float bricks to protect your boat from the water.

Boat Care Tips #3: Service your engine

It’s worth having you boat serviced at least once a year, even if everything is running smoothly. Regular boat tune ups are critical to ensuring the longevity of your craft and are a good way to prevent problems that can end up causing you a lot in the long run.

Boat Care Tips #4: Clean the interior of your boat

You’ll be surprised how quickly the interior of your boat can accumulate muck, mould, mildew and fish blood (if you’re an avid fisher). To keep on top of it, make sure to thoroughly empty and scrub all storage compartments, vacuum the floors, and wipe down the console. Just remember, it’s best to avoid using household cleaning products on your boat as they can strip the wax.



Boat Care Tips #5: Check propeller for damage

If you have an outboard boat, it’s worth incorporating a propeller check into your prelaunch routine. This includes checking the propeller for any signs of damage, looking for any dents, missing material or bent blades. Cosmetic damage such as paint chipping isn’t a major sign but could be a sign that you’ve hit something with your propeller.

Boat Care Tips #6: Check the battery

Just like a car, your boat battery will start to degrade over time. A battery check can be done as part of your yearly boat service, though it’s worth checking it if you’ve not used your boat for some time. You can tell a battery is bad by taking a look to see if there’s a broken terminal or crack in the case, or by using a digital multi meter to get a reading of how much charge is left.

Boat Care Tips #7: Test your bilge pump

Outside of an engine, your bilge pump is the most important part of your boat. Bilge pumps are designed to remove water from the lowest point of your boat and are required in boats sized between 5 to 8 metres long. If your boat doesn’t have a bilge pump, it can quickly fill up with water and sink – and nobody wants that.

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