Top 10 Fishing Spots in Queensland

Our Picks for the Top 10 Fishing Spots in Queensland

Considering Queensland is deemed the best state for all things sun, surf and sand, it’s not surprising that it’s home to some pretty incredible fishing spots. Whether you’re a seasoned angler who’s eager to jump in the tinny, or a green angler just testing the waters, there’s heaps of spots in Queensland for a day of casting.  We’ve compiled a list of the ‘Top 10 Fishing Spots in Queensland’ and what sort of conditions you can expect.

Best Fishing Spots Brisbane

Brisbane River

The Brisbane river offers off a variety of good fighting fish, from snapper to tuna, flathead, bream…and if you’re really keen for a fight, you might be lucky and hook up a bull shark….(we recommend no kissing of those ones!).  A short 16 kilometre drive from the city will land you, given the right tide, in prime fishing territory, at the Shorncliffe Boat Ramp.  A rich habitat of mangroves line the boat ramp, and at the turn of each tide anglers report garfish, bream, rock cod, and whiting from the shore.  If you are a keen boating enthusiast you will love the space, facilities and comparatively quiet boat ramp, with handy wash down facilities and large skips for waste.

  With its large variety of fish and close-knit community, the Brisbane river is considered a favourite spot amongst anglers and one of the best fishing spots Brisbane. You can expect to find everything from snapper, tuna, flathead and bream, and the odd bull shark if you’re lucky. You can opt to fish from the shore or pop out in the tinny for a day. If you do choose to fish on shore, there are numerous banks, platforms, walkways and bridges for you to cast your line.

However, it’s worth noting that if you’re looking to consume what you’ve caught, the fish in Brisbane river are best left purely for catch and release due to possible contamination.

Hornibrook Bridge

If you’re looking for good fishing spots Brisbane, the Hornibrook Bridge is home to a constant swell of anglers. Though a little erratic – you could either make a great haul or come home empty handed – you should fare better if you fish an hour after or before the high tide.


Best Fishing Spots Gold Coast

The Seaway

The Seaway is undoubtedly one of the best fishing spots Gold Coast has to offer, as it has a wide variety of fish with plenty to go around. Though not for the greenest of anglers due to its strong currents, the Seaway is a great option for seasoned anglers who want that extra challenge. You can expect to find plenty of trevally and flathead, and the odd Spanish mackerel. Aside from the fish, the Seaway is a favourite amongst locals to hangout and a terrific spot for the family.

Tweed River

If you want spectacular view with your fishing, Tweed river is truly unbeatable. Dotted with gorgeous trees, the most popular spots to fish include North Wall and Jack Evans Boat Harbour. If you’re taking the kids with you, Tweed river also has quite a few weed beds that are packed full of whiting and flathead.

Best Fishing Spots Sunshine Coast

The Maroochy River

The Maroochy river is one of the best fishing spots Sunshine Coast has to offer as it’s home to a large variety of fish including mulloway, sand whiting, mangrove jack and even Australian Bass if you travel further upstream. Despite being a fishing hotspot, the Maroochy river is healthy and abundant with fish all year round.

Noosa River

Need more good fishing spots Sunshine Coast way? The Noosa River is a famous fishing spot for good reason – it’s chock full of flounder, bream, snapfish, mackeral and whiting. Popular for families and a great first way to introduce kids to fishing, Noosa River is a fantastic fishing spot for both seasoned anglers and beginners.

Best Fishing Spots Mackay

Kinchant Dam

If you’re a true angler, you no doubt have your sights set on visiting arguably the best fishing region in Queensland. For good fishing spots Mackay, you’ll want to head straight to Kinchant Dam, which is famous for its sooty grunter, barramundi and cod. Barra fishing is good year round at Kimchant dam but it’s worth visiting during the week if

 you want some undisturbed fishing, as jet skis and ski boats are popular on the weekend.

Pioneer River

Looking for the best fishing spots Mackay? You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a spot along Pioneer river, as you’ve got 120km of river to fish from! Though your catches might be smaller in comparison to Kinchant, Pioneer River is a great option for a family day as you won’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way. You can find some barbecues available in the Bluewater Quay side of the river, which makes for a perfect pit stop while you enjoy the gorgeous views.

Mackay Harbour

 Got a 4×4?  Then hook a right at the Surf Club and keep on tracking in the soft sand, pick a quiet spot on the point and throw a line in for a wide variety of fish including mackerel (we recommend a jigging lure along the bottom with a 15lb braid leader).

 Better yet, get your boating on and head out to Keswick Island where a small rock structure is exposed at low tide – throw a deep diving hard body lure in and troll around the rock structure for some pelagic fun – the locals know this as a Spanish Mackerel hotspot!

Best Fishing Spots Far North Queensland

Lake Proserpine (Peter Faust Dam)

 Located only a stone throw from the famous Whitsunday’s, Lake Proserpine is becoming one of Queensland’s hot spots to tackle the iconic Barra giving you the perfect excuse to dust off those tackle boxes, pack the family wagon, hook on the boat and try out those fishing skills you’ve only dreamt of. Lake Proserpine now offer free camping making this a non-negotiable on anyone’s family holiday.


 Following the Bruce Highway North, Bowen is where you can stop to see the Giant Mango and even spot the world famous “Bowenwood” water tank as a reminder that the famous Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman filmed Australia here at this small seaside town.

Fishing is one of Bowen’s biggest attractions, with numerous creek systems, coral studded islands, offshore reefs, and most importantly, abundant fish life. Bowen has many creek systems, which hold healthy numbers of Mangrove-jack, Bream, Whiting and Barramundi, so take the time to pack up the boat and absorb this little beauty.

 The Hinchinbrook Way

 The Hinchinbrook way is the Southern Gateway to Tropical Queensland, located just past Townsville and is known to be the land of ancient tropical rainforests, rugged tropical islands and the world renowned, Great Barrier Reef.

 The Hinchinbrook Way offers world class fishing opportunities including beach fishing off the pristine Hinchinbrook coastline, wharf fishing from Lucinda and Dungeness fishing wharfs, Sweetwater fishing in the rugged Herbert River Gorge, Barramundi fishing in the tranquil waters of the Hinchinbrook Channel, or classic blue water fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. A single line thrown casually from a secluded beach, a few from a tinny in a tranquil sheltered creek, or get adventurous and discover the wide-open waters of the Coral Sea. Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Coral Trout, Red Emperor and Mud Crabs…  the rewards are bountiful!

 Kurramine Beach

 Kurramine Beach you say? But where is Kurramine Beach? It’s one of those hidden gems that is a must see situated just a little north of Mission Beach and just 90 minutes south from Cairns. Kurramine beach is a small fishing town where you will often pass tractors towing boats down to the boat ramp to fish the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef, where you are guaranteed a feed of fish for dinner.

Another pearler to see with the boat is Clump Point Harbour as it offers an excellent ramp and provides easy small craft access out to the local islands. Just south of Mission Beach are the Murray and Hull rivers both of which offer jacks, trevally, and Barra. For the small boat owner these two rivers are definitely worth spending some time exploring.

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