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Want to Secure the Best Marine Finance on the Market?

Boating, Camping & 4x4 make it that much easier for you.

At Boating, Camping & 4×4, we know that your time spent out on the water is sacred. Our marine finance loans are fast, secure and easy, ensuring you will be out on the water in no time. So enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can spend less time worrying about loans and more time fishing for the perfect boat, jet ski, or yacht by contacting one of our marine finance specialists.


Reach out to us by calling 1300 378 387 or emailing us at info@boatingcamping4x4.com.au so our marine finance specialists can talk you through the easy process of building your personalised plan. You can also apply directly through our application page and easily start comparing finance and leasing options without the need to access your credit file.

Marine Loans

at Market Leading Rates

Boat Finance

Boats are an important part of our lives, offering an escape from the rigours of work or even being used to conduct work themselves, meaning you want the process of purchasing one to be as simple as possible.

Be free to spend more time searching for your perfect vessel while we take care of the finances for you, with our marine finance plans coming with advice from our expert brokers. These finance professionals will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get market leading rates and that you have more time to find your dream boat.

Jet Ski Finance

Few things are as thrilling as riding a jet ski across the waves, and our jet ski finance plans are here to help you purchase your own adrenaline machine. Boating, Camping & 4x4 will secure you unbeatable marine loans so you can glide your personal jet ski through the ocean without worrying about how you are going to afford the repayments.

Spend more time finding the perfect jet ski knowing that the constant support and communication you receive from our brokers will make your purchase more affordable than ever before.

Yacht Finance

If you dream of being free to sail the sea aboard your very own yacht, let us make this fantasy a reality for you. Spending your days relaxing topside on a yacht is no time to be worrying about loan repayments, so let us handle your marine finance so you can enjoy your time in the sun and the sea breeze.

Do not miss out on the yacht of your dreams as we will partner you with a specialised boat finance broker who will ensure you receive the most competitive rates on the market that will suit any financial situation.

Whether it’s Business or Pleasure, We Finance it All!

Whether it is a personal seacraft for you and the family, or a fishing vessel for your business, our dedicated team of brokers and marine finance specialists will ensure you receive a loan with great rates via our marine finance plans. By trusting your marine loan with us at Boating, Camping & 4×4, you will receive access to 40+ lenders, meaning there is a product to suit every customer no matter your lifestyle or financial situation. Our expertise in this market ensures we are also able to cut the cost of fees and other potential charges, allowing you to put more of your income towards your time on the ocean. Alongside our streamlined approval process, this all makes for a marine boat loan that will not have you all out at sea.

Fast approvals, stress-free dealing, amazing rates!

Apply for Marine Boat Loans Now!

The process has never been easier, and you won’t find a team as dedicated as ours when it comes to dealing with and closing loans at great rates.

Reputable Platform of Lenders

With an incredible platform of over 40 lenders, you have the ability to choose a product that best suits your finances and lifestyle.

Market Leading Marine Finance

We prioritise your requirements. Forget about the banks, our marine finance brokers are here to make the process quick, simple, and stress-free.

Extensive Range of Marine Craft

Our marine finance spans across a wide range of marine crafts. From fishing boat financing, sail boats, a weekend jet ski or something business orientated, we do it all.

Save More on Fees

We know the ins and outs of marine financing, meaning we will find a solution that allows you to safe more money on fees and charges.

Fast Approval Turnaround

We’ve been securing loans for our customers over many years. With our streamlined process, you’ll always experience a fast approval turnaround.

Personalised & Curated Services

Making a purchase on your dream boat or marine craft has never been as easy as it is with Boating, Camping & 4x4. Your dedicated boat finance broker will work day and night to ensure you’re provided with the best deal, every time.

Contact Boating, Camping & 4x4 Now!

If you are seeking more information about the services that we offer here at Boating, Camping & 4×4, reach out to an asset finance broker by contacting us at info@boatingcamping4x4.com.au or by calling 1300 378 387 and talking us through your ideal marine finance loan.

You can also send us a message on our contact us page and let us know your situation, or get a head start on the entire process by filling out the application page on our website so we know exactly what you are after and can go about making it a reality.

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