Boating Mistakes to Look Out For

If you’re new to boating, there are quite a few mistakes that can occur both in and out of the water. Most likely, boating mistakes will result in nothing more than some embarrassment, and the odd chuckle from nearby boaters who’ve no doubt done the same thing at some point. However, much like operating a vehicle, there is the potential for serious consequences if a mistake occurs out of negligence, such as operating a boat under the influence or venturing out in bad weather. To help embark your new journey of being a boat owner, we thought we’d take a look a the most common boating mistakes to look out for.

Boating mistakes to look out for

Not Checking The Weather - 

Out of all the common boating mistakes, this one’s the easiest one to make. It’s strongly advised that you check weather reports before you set sail, as getting caught in strong weather conditions could cause your boat to capsize or flood. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the five vital checks you should conduct include:

1.Area warnings

Knowing what warnings have been issued for your boating area is a good way to get an overall gauge of the conditions such as wind, weather, and sea and swell heights. Bureau warnings are typically updated every six hours.

2.Weather conditions

Check weather reports to see if it’s likely for heavy rain, fog, strong winds or thunderstorms to occur.

3. Wind conditions

Wind plays a big role when it comes to appropriate weather conditions, so be sure to check forecast trends in winds speeds and wind direction shifts throughout the day.

4. Wave conditions

Take note of sea wave and swell conditions, as the smaller the boat, the less likely it can handle powerful waves.

5. Tide times

It’s important to known when high tides and low tides occur, as this will impact how your boat enters and exits the water. A combination of outgoing tidal flow and low tide has a big impact on waves, which can make navigating your boat difficult.

Not Putting The Drain Plug Back In -

Considered by some to be the root of all evil, a drain plug can either sink or swim your boat. Quite literally. Even the most seasoned boaters can confirm that forgetting to put the drain plug back in is one of the most common boating mistakes, and the most annoying one – especially if you’re out on the water already. You’ll be able to work out pretty quickly if you’ve forgotten to put it back in, but if you’ve left it somewhere back on land, you’ll have to get back to the shore as quickly as possible. Forgetting to put the plug in is such a common boating mistake, that many fishermen recommend having a few spare ones onboard in case you’re caught out.

Running Out Of Fuel & Letting Fuel Stagnate -

When it comes to common boating mistakes, running out of fuel is up there with leaving out drain plugs. Fuel related problems are one of the biggest reasons for assistance related calls on the water and can be avoided by keeping a fuel log and topping up before you go. However, boats can be notoriously tricky when it comes to getting a good fuel reading, as there are a number of issues that can disrupt fuel efficiency, including plugged filters, water in the fuel and even a kinked fuel hose. Aside from seeing a mechanic, you can keep on top of your boat’s fuel by draining fuel from tank if it’s left on water for extended period, or leaving the tank at least three quarters full to reduce chance of condensation.

Not Enough Line Anchoring -

Getting your anchor right can be a hard skill to learn, as there’s more to it than just simply dropping it into the water and hoping for the best. If done incorrectly, you risk damaging your boat and crafts anchored nearby. The most common anchoring mistakes involve not leaving enough line, which can cause.

Boat Ramp Mistakes -

Don’t block the launch with your car!

Many boaters end up parking their car in front of the boat ramp, only to leave it there for the entire day while they enjoy a day on the water. This blunder is a sure-fire way to incur the wrath of every boater around you, as it makes it impossible for anyone else to lower their boat into the water. Other common boat ramp mistakes include blocking the ramp with your boat (just no to any kind of blocking!) and cutting the line.

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